Pagsanjan Falls needs no further introduction. Well, except that it is not located in Pagsanjan but rather in Cavinti. Hence, Pagsanjan Falls is Cavinti Falls. Other than that, if you are adventurous, try visiting Pagsanjan Falls during rainy days for a wild and thrilling shooting the rapids adventure. Note however that the river may become very dangerous during rainy season. During summer, it is a safe ground ( water that is).

How to Get to Pagasanjan Falls Pagsanjan Falls can be reached through Pagsanjan Town (the easier route to the falls) and through Cavinti Town (the more challenging route). There are many tour packages available for Pagsanjan Falls should you want to indulge in a hassle free trip. Or you can always do it yourself. To get to Pagsanjan Falls by public transportation, proceed to Buendia Bus Terminal and take any bus bound to Sta Cruz (Laguna) and get off at Sta. Cruz Public Market.