The heat was unbearable when we arrived at the beach. So we decided to stay first in one of the cottages to rest.After about 30 minutes, we roamed around the property .There are a lot to see at each sides of the beach. Burot beach is lovely!Its raw an rugged charm is truly inviting.

Burot Beach Travel Tips and Reminders

  • Bring all you need.
  • Wear a pair of aqua shoes, there are occasinal sightings of sea urchins on the beach.
  • The road leading to Burot Beach is a bit rough, be sure your car can handle it.
  • Comfort rooms are available, but don’t expect too much, its very basic for basic needs.
  • Be sure to get the mobile of your tricyle driver or ask them to fetch you.
  • Don’t go on a weekend,long weekend and holidaysto avoid the huge number of weekenders.The beach is best enjoyed when its not overcrowded.
  • Always practice”leave no trace” principle.

How to Get to Burot Beach

Via Public Bus: Take Celyrosa Bus going to Calatagan along Pasay Rotonda EDSA near MRT Taft Station (at the back of McDonald’s).First trip is 5:00 AM,travel time is around 3 hours and fare is 180 pesos.Ask the bus attendant to drop you at Calatagan Public Market.From here,hire a tricycle for PHP 150.00 or PHP 60.00 per person going to the beach.Travel time is about 20 minutes.