Getting tired of a congested, bustling urban life? Go pack your bags, book a ticket, and take a momentary reprieve from the daily grind. Bulacan is the ideal place to live, unwind and reboot yourself, here’s why:

It’s an hour away from the metro – indeed Bulacan is the nearest province north of Metro
Manila. It’s literally just a bus away from Makati, BGC, or Taft and a couple of minutes from Quezon city. Bus stations in Cubao will more or less bring you anywhere in Bulacan. A one-way trip will cost you Php 100 – 200. So, if you are feeling the need to start anew, reboot yourself, and marvel at a large expanse of greeneries then Bulacan is the right place to be!

Modern lifestyle meets rustic setting – as part of the Philippine government’s grand plan to bring prosperity outside metro manila, Bulacan is one of the first provinces to benefit from this. Several infrastructure projects were built and are underway which makes Bulacan one of the most go-to tourist destinations and a good place to get in touch with mother nature without losing the comforts of modern life.

FROM: twomonkeystravel